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Week commencing Monday 27th April


Remember to read every day and it's great to share reading with other family members.

Think about different types of reading material, for example; books, magazines, food packets, instructions for games, websites, to name a few.

Below are some links to online books to read and listen to.

Are You a Reading Star?

Each week we will set a reading challenge for you to complete.

Don't forget to email telling us how you get on, perhaps even send us a photo.

This week's challenge:

Read in an unusual place.

Poem of the Day

The poem of the day is for reading together and enjoying 

Taken from 'The Works Key Stage 1' Chosen by Pie Corbett. Published by Macmillan.



Don't forget to learn your Galaxy of Spelling, Common Exception Words and ask someone to test you.

The activity mats below will help you to practise some of them too.

We also learn a spelling rule every week which is on the powerpoint below and there is a word search to help learn it.


Maths learning will look slightly different from today.  Basic skills practice will be put up separately from the daily learning task.  Both need to be completed but can be done at different times and the basic skills can be practiced more than once.  These don't need to be recorded in books as most of them will be of a practical nature or a game.

Basic Skills Friday 1st May

Times table test.  See the slide in main PDF.

Friday 1st May Focus: Can I use my addition and subtraction skills to play a game?

Basic Skills Thursday 30th April

Make a set of number cards numbered 0 to 12.  Mix up the cards and decide if you are going to do your 2, 5 or 10 times table.  Take the top card and say the answer for your chosen times tables.  For example if you chose your 5 times table and picked up the number 5, you would say 25.

Thursday 30th April Focus: Can I write directions using turns?

Basic Skills Wednesday 29th April

Count in tens going up the stairs starting from 12.  When you get to the top come back down the stairs counting in tens from whichever number you got to.  Repeat starting at 67 and 95.

Wednesday 29th April Focus: Can I understand turns?

Watch the video in the video resource section.  Then follow the instructions on the PDF for your learning.

Focus: Can I understand turns?

Basic skills Tuesday 28th April 2020

Practise chanting your times tables.  Remember to use the number aerobic videos to help.

Tuesday 28th April Focus: Can I write directions?

Basic Skill Monday 27th April

Count all the pairs of socks in the house is twos.  Count all the pairs of shoes in the house in twos.  Are there more socks or shoes?  How do you know?

Monday 27th April Focus: Can I follow directions?

Watch the video in the resource section and then help the pirate collect all his belongings.

Foundation Subjects

Foundation grid for week beginning 27th April

PSHE Wellbeing Unit