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Week commencing Monday 8th June

Here are some of the ideas you have shared for our year 4 poem. 


If you haven't sent your similes, metaphors or alliteration in then please do.


Albert –  shy squirrels, shyly, sneakingly, sensationally smart.                                     Will – Magical, mysterious, misty moonlit meadows.


Ruby Suddes – the leaves fell from the trees like they left home.                              Izzy – An Autumn leaf is as beautiful as a nightingale.


Safa – An autumn leaf is a crispy crisp.                                                                         


Olivia – A frosty, frozen flake flew across the fur tree forest.


Reba – the leaves fell from the trees like snowflakes falling from the clouds.


Alina – the ferocious frost freezes the fair flowers   


Srihan -  An Autumn leaf is rainbow.


Frankie – An Autumn leaf is a crunched up cornflake.


Ishbel – Mysterious mist clears revealing the moon, mystifying many.


Lennon – The freezing fields feel fragile but friendly.


Amelia – east elephants eat Easter eggs.


Nikolas - Autumn leaf is a butterfly with broken wings


Gyaan - "A magical maroon moon moved majestically"

Maths Friday 12th June

Maths Thursday 11th June