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Year 4 Burwell House Residential

On 2nd-4th October 2023, Year 4 went on their first residential visit to Burwell House, Burwell, Cambridgeshire. Burwell House is a grand, beautifully decorated house which sits on 3 acres of land. It was built in 1787 and was enjoyed as a family home for many generations. In 1964, it was bought by Cambridgeshire County Council for £15,000 and today, it welcomes around 80 primary schools on residential visits each year. Year 4 were ecstatic to be one of these visitors this year.

During their 2-night visit, Year 4 completed a range of teambuilding and Geography based activities. These included:

  • The Snail Game which helped pupils to acclimatise to the environment.
  • Smugglers Mystery where pupils had to use map reading skills to find clues and solve the mystery.
  • The Great Eggscape Challenge where pupils completed a range of teambuilding games to collect points. These points were then used in the evening to build contraptions to protect real eggs which were then dropped off the fire escape. A cracking time was had by all!
  • Meet a Tree, a blindfolded challenge where children had to guess which tree in the grounds they had been guided to meet.
  • Burwell Challenge, a tricky obstacle course.
  • Shelter Building and Fire Lighting which were great fun and helped the pupils to learn essential skills.
  • Burwell Orienteering Challenge where teams went out around the village and competed against each other to earn the most points.
  • Burwell Fox, a firm favourite where the farmers (teachers) had to try and catch the foxes (children).


Whilst there, Year 4 also enjoyed a quiz night and a cozy film night. They also thoroughly enjoyed the delicious food served during family-style mealtimes.


“I loved Burwell House. It was extremely fun!” - Aya

“My favourite activity was the fire lighting because it was really interesting.” – Leon

“The food was amazing and the staff were very helpful.” - Somaiyah


A huge thank you to the wonderful staff at Burwell House and The Vine for ensuring Year 4 had an unforgettable residential trip!