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Year 4 Adventures at Burwell House

Year 4 at The Vine visited Burwell House on the 27th to 29th March. When we arrived, we played the snail game which was a game that helped us to understand where everything was around the grounds. Afterwards, we took part in the smugglers mystery where we had to find words that made up a message which gave us an idea of who the smugglers were. Later that day, we found out who we were sharing our rooms with and even had to make our beds!


On the second day, we did four activities: Burwell Challenge, hammer and nail art, the great eggscape and shelter building. Did you know if you were caught in horrendous weather without shelter you would only be able to survive for 3 hours? To help us understand this, we tried to build effective shelters that would keep people as dry and warm as possible.


On our final day, we did our favourite activity which was Burwell Fox. The teachers dressed up as farmers and the pupils pretended to be foxes hiding from them. If they got caught, they got a stamp on their hand. The people with the lowest number of stamps won!


Overall Year 4 had the best time at Burwell House.