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Year 2 Autumn Activities

In the second half of the autumn term the English focus in Year 2 was recounts. We explored newspaper articles and wrote, as journalists, about how the Great Fire of London started. We stepped into the shoes of Samuel Pepys and wrote an eyewitness diary entry about our day. Now we have written an article about our Christmas Performance “The Big Little Nativity”.


In November and December Year 2 were practising our lines and rehearsing our moves for our performance of the Christmas production “The Big Little Nativity”. We were very excited to tell the traditional story of the birth of Jesus.


Next, we sorted out our amazing costumes. We had narrators, smartly dressed, helping to retell the story. There was, of course, Mary, Joseph and a cheeky donkey, along with shepherds, sheep and wise men (and women) with camels. Our choir of angels looked lovely in tinsel covered costumes.


Unfortunately, we could not invite our family and friends into school to be our audience, but we still put up the stage in the hall to record our fabulous performance.


Finally, we dressed in our costumes, walked into the hall and got into our positions. The stage was big!! We proudly spoke our words and tried to use our big voices. Our singing was fantastic! Everyone was smiling and happy.

Here are some of our thoughts:


“Singing the songs and doing actions makes me so happy” – Jacob


“We enjoyed wearing costumes and seeing everyone else dressed up” – Finley and Esme


“Actually acting on stage was something really different to do” – George


“I felt nervous, but also excited, to be acting and performing” - Seb