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Year 1's Amazing Africa!

We have been so inspired by our topic, Africa, already this week! In Guided Reading each group has found out some interesting facts about African animals from the non-fiction books we've read. We've located Africa on the map and have found out that it is made up of 54 different countries. Today the pupils have amazed us with their thoughtful questions which they've asked to help them find out more information about African animals. These have included 'Does a hippo hibernate?', 'How does an elephant sleep?', 'Where does a hyena give birth?', 'Is a crocodile cold blooded?' and 'Is a cheetah aggressive?'. Next week we will be researching the answers to these questions in preparation for writing our own fact files. In the meantime here's a question to think about! What is a pangolin? We were told all about what it is by Isaac today. If you're wondering what it is ask your child smiley