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Y6 Art Workshop at Cambourne Village College

This term a group of year six pupils were invited to go to Cambourne Village College for an art workshop. We had a fantastic time applying the art and clay skills that we had learned at The Vine as well as learning new skills with Mr Yeates, who is head of Art at The College. We think our fired products look spectacular and are looking forward to taking home. Here are our thoughts:

Harrison commented, “We learnt how to use different clay techniques to make cool aliens.”

Ellis, “I learnt how make and add detailed features for my alien.”

Nieve, “I liked the way we applied our art skills to the clay work.”

Summer, “I am proud of how my alien turned out once it was fired.”

Ted, “I learned how to join pieces of clay using sludge, which is very sloppy clay. We had to score both pieces of clay and gently twist them together.”

Daisy CW, “I was amazed how the kiln worked and that within hours you could create a dry and hard creation.”

Charlotte, “We all learned what a kiln was and how it fired clay.”

Owen, “I discovered that if you put two pinch pots together you can make a hollow body and by adding various features you can turn it into an amazing alien creation.”

Ciara, “I am pleased that I can now take a slab of clay and turn it into an incredibly detailed alien!”

Hayden, “I learned that the staff at CVC are really friendly and that making things from clay is lots of fun.”

Thank you to the staff at The Vine and CVC for organising such a fun afternoon’s learning