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Y4 Visit to Darwin Manor

Last week, Year 4 visited residents of Darwin Manor to spread some festive cheer. 

We had a great time singing Christmas carols and songs, including one in Spanish.  We also shared some of our learning: Roman mosaics in Art, Spanish and a song called Blackbird by the Beatles.  Afterwards, we enjoyed chatting to residents and wishing them a Merry Christmas.  

Here are some of the things pupils said about the visit. 

Amelia – I liked it when we sang because I could see the residents enjoying it.

Charlie – I liked sharing my Spanish learning.

Joya – I liked talking to the residents because it made me happy and it made them happy.

Aida – I liked singing The Twelve Days of Christmas because we did actions with it and it made me smile.

Thomash – The residents made me smile because they were happy to listen to the songs.

Christos – I enjoyed giving the residents a Christmas card.

Sienna – I enjoyed talking to different people who I haven’t met before and I liked having a drink and a biscuit.