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Y3 Stone Age Day

On Wednesday 26t September, Year Three travelled back in time to the Stone Age…


We became Cave Men and Women for the day and arrived to school in our amazing costumes. We all looked very scary!

As Hunter Gatherers, we began the day by waking up next to a warm fire, surrounded by our tribe. Then, because we were hungry, we went foraging for fruit in the orchard for breakfast. We found lots of ruby red apples, juicy blackberries and delicious pears. We even found some grapes! After that, we chopped the fruit and cooked it in honey to make a yummy fruit stew. Later in the day, we sat down to eat. It was delicious.

As Cave Men and Women, we completed a variety of Stone Age activities throughout the day. These included hunting using a bow and arrow and spears, singing a Stone Age rock song and creating cave painting hand prints. We had lots of fun!

Year Three had an amazing day as Hunter Gatherers. However, we were glad to return to the modern world. Living in the Stone Age is hard work!