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Working Together in Year 5

Year 5 at the Vine have made a fantastic start to the new term! Our topic in PSCHE was ‘Working Together’ and it gave the children the opportunity to demonstrate their skills at cooperating with each other. We first learnt about active listening which helps everybody work effectively in a team by making sure you understand instructions clearly. We then put this into action by taking part in a variety of team-building activities. We played The Bench Game, which involved swapping places with each other on a very narrow bench without touching the floor; The Quoit Knot, where we had to tie ourselves in a knot and then get untangled by talking through a solution; and finally, Robot, a game of trust, directing someone through a series of obstacles using verbal instructions. Then we got to do something a lot more complicated!


For our final activity of the week, we learnt how to make a four-sided shape called a tetrahedron using six dowel rods and four rubber bands. After making sure that the tetrahedrons were strong enough, we took them outside into the playground and got together with four other children to make a tetrahedron twice as big. We then got together with four more groups and made another one, again, twice the size. We now had four large tetrahedrons. The final challenge was to fix these together to make one 12 feet high, just using wooden rods, rubber bands and team work! Afterwards, we calculated that we had used 384 wooden rods to create 64 smaller tetrahedrons and estimated that there were about 400 rubber bands holding it all together! We were very excited about the finished tetrahedron.