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Wellbeing Room for the Vine Preschool children

The Vine Preschool has recently set up a new wellbeing room. They are enormously thankful to CMS Cambridge, the furniture division at Cambridge, design and fit-out specialist COEL, who donated a sofa, chairs and a storage unit as well as a soft cuddly fox.  The Good Plant Company also learnt about the project and they also donated some stunning plants for the room,


The need for a wellbeing room for such young children has come from the impact of COVID and the restrictions that the lockdowns placed on them during their formative years. Many of the children have missed out on fundamental social learning through experiences, they may not have seen their extended family or visited places such as a beach, a zoo or even a cafe. They have not been exposed to as many new experiences or new people as previous year groups. Arriving at preschool for the first time amidst the hurly burly of many other little ones and no mummy or daddy to be seen can be overwhelming and it is hard for them to process.


Since children have come back to us, we have noticed an increase in them wanting a quiet space, somewhere peaceful and calm. We wanted to create an outbreak area where children can re-centre themselves. They may come here on their own with an assistant, or with a friend, they are free to talk about their emotions and what they can do to cope with their feelings. The room is deliberately kept clear of having too many stimulating things such as games or activities. If a little one comes here it is to rest and restore themselves and feel comforted, sitting peacefully, looking at a picture book or talking about how they are feeling with a helper.


We are already seeing the benefit of having the wellbeing room. Making the space comfy, with appealing furniture and beautiful plants really helps calm the children down. They feel peaceful in this space and we have no doubt it will help facilitate an easier transition for the youngsters as they get used to a new environment.


The Vine school has a strong biblically rooted vision, which drives all aspects of our school life. Through supporting our pupils’ mental wellbeing, we aim to ‘let peace dwell here and the rooms be full of contentment.’