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The Zoo came to Year 1!

On Monday 7th June Year 1 at The Vine was turned into the zoo for the day! We had lions, bears, monkeys, giraffes, snakes, crocodiles, flamingos and more along with a few trusted zookeepers to look after the animals for the day. Unfortunately, the day started off with a disaster as many of the animals had escaped from their enclosures and we had to use our map skills and orienteer our way around the school grounds to find them and return them safely to their homes. We took part in activities such as designing our own Zoo, making our own fantasy zoo animal and creating 3D animal habitats. Throughout the day we kept an eye on webcams which were situated in Kenya and South Africa so we could see animals in their real habitats. We spotted hippos, giraffes, lions, elephants and antelope. Everyone agreed that our day at the zoo had been great fun!