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The Vine – Year 6: Hilltop Residential

In December 2022, we visited Hilltop Outdoor Centre in Sheringham, Norfolk. We left at 9am and along the way we entertained ourselves with some fun singalongs! Once we arrived, we got introduced to our rooms which we stayed in for 3 days. On the first day we did our first set of activities: Tree Top Trail, Archery and Team Tasks. These were incredible and a great way to start our adventures. In the evening we played Owls and Mice which was like an enormous game of Manhunt but set in a dark, expansive woods. We finished the evening with a warming hot chocolate before bed.

On Thursday we had a jam-packed day with lots of exciting activities including: The Super Swing, The Big Zipper and the challenging and muddy assault course. Once again, these activities were fantastic and also quite scary at times, we were really pushed to our limits. In the evening we shopped for souvenirs and enjoyed an orienteering task in the dark, enchanted forest. After a full day of activities we had some time in the games room to relax and recuperate.

Our final day finished with two more thrilling tasks and a hearty lunch before our journey home (which was much quieter, zzzzzz!) We said our goodbyes to the encouraging and entertaining instructors, who gave us all a once in a lifetime opportunity. We can’t wait to go back!

Face your fears and have fun with your friends”

“Each step you take you learn new things”

Article written and quotes by Year 6 pupils