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Stone Age Day at The Vine

Year 3 have been learning about the Stone Age this half term. To accompany their learning, they travelled back in time and became Stone Age children for the day.

The day began with the pupils foraging berries in the school grounds. This immersed them in their roles as Stone Age children from the moment they stepped into school, allowing them to re-enact being a gatherer.

The pupils were asked to dress as a Stone Age child for the day. Their attire helped them get into role for their English activity which was to write a diary entry as a Stone Age child.

Their hard work didn’t stop there! For the remainder of the morning the pupils had the challenging task of cracking Stone Age codes by looking at cave paintings and working out their hidden meaning. The pupils even made their own cryptic codes! In the afternoon, these codes were re-created using mud and powder paint in the style of cave paintings.  

Finally, to finish the day the pupils gathered together and enjoyed their hard earned Stone Age stew whilst listening to Stone Age tales. Year 3 worked incredibly hard and demonstrated excellent learning through this immersive and exciting day.