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Smart Learning Day 8 July 2021 - Hopes and Dreams for the future inspired the Bishop’s Challenge earlier this year.

Wednesday’s Smart learning day was all about our Hopes and Dreams for the future. Across the school, we shared our different hopes and dreams for ourselves, for others and for the world we live in. We also incorporated our international links and Vine Values throughout the day.

We hoped that the day would provide a sense of hope to help us to build our resilience and hold on to the possibility of change, and the anticipation and wish that, tomorrow can be better.

The day was split into 4 sessions, as well as Worship where we thought about what we would like to be when we grow up and listened to a story called, ‘The Tale of the Three Trees.’ The 4 sessions included:-

  • RE reflection and mind mapping  
  • Transition – what are our hopes and dreams for our next academic year?
  • Sensory Garden planning and decorating our very own pebble of hope
  • International & wider school links-Writing a postcard of Hope.


Thank you to all involved in the planning and delivering of this special day. Please look out for our rainbow of special stones which will be placed in and around school for everyone to see for years to come!