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Sleepover fun!

It was the Year Three Sleepover on a friday night at the end of June. The pupils had a marvellous time playing a variety of board games, decorating a photo frame and completing a treasure hunt to discover the mystery location of their snacks! They also enjoyed roasting marshmallows over a campfire. Afterwards, they unpacked their sleeping bags and settled down with a delicious hot chocolate to watch a film. When the lights were turned off, a vast array of sounds could be heard from the four classrooms, including giggling, shuffling and chatting but after a while, all children were fast asleep. At crack of dawn, the children woke up and tucked into a delicious, multi-course breakfast, packed up their belongings and headed home. 

“It was good, we had lots of fun. There were many different activities, more than you could count.” (Renesmee)

“My favourite part was the movie and snack because we stayed up very late.” (Poppy)

“I couldn’t pick a favourite bit because it was all so fun. There were so many activities, so you could never get bored.” (Alexandria)

Well done Year Three for a fantastic sleepover!