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Reading at The Vine

We love reading at The Vine, and over the past year it has been such a joy to see the children enjoying books, recommending them to their friends and making use of our new non-fiction area and quiet reading space in the Learning Centre.


The Learning Centre is literally at the heart of our school and contains some fabulous resources for staff and pupils to use. We have a wide range of reference books and, thanks to generous donations from staff and parents, a fabulous collection of novels and picture books for children to browse and a comfortable sofa! We also have bookshelves bursting with Accelerated Reader books for children to read and take quizzes, so they can see how their reading progresses and compete against themselves to reach their target for the half term.


Really popular series include Tom Gates, Harry Potter, Dork Diaries and Diary of a Wimpy Kid, but it has also been great to see children enjoying classics like Roald Dahl. Last term we had fun with a quiz where children had to match pictures of teachers as children with their favourite childhood books. Dogger by Shirley Hughes came out as the most popular, and all of the books that teachers loved have been collected together for the pupils to appreciate.


According to Accelerated Reader, so far this year, the pupils at The Vine have read over 85 million words. That's the equivalent of reading the Complete Works of Shakespeare 96 times! Which is quite a coincidence as Year 6 are just starting rehearsals for their production of Macbeth.


Our reference section has recently undergone a sort-out and move around, and is now being tidied and relabelled ready for research again very soon, thanks to the help of some of our volunteer learning mentors. As well as books on every subject from space to sculpture, we are fortunate to have an array of fascinating objects from all over the world to decorate our Learning Centre and give us all something to wonder about.


With the summer holidays on the horizon, we're hoping that lots of pupils will be taking part in the Summer Reading Challenge at the library and bringing back plenty of recommendations for the new school year.