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Momo Challenge

Many of you may have heard of the Momo Challenge which is being spread via WhatsApp and Youtube. The Momo Challenge is a form of cyberbullying where children receive threats from an anonymous number accompanied by an image of Momo, a strange-looking woman with bulging eyes, a thin-lipped smile and long, black hair. The challenge forces children who received the message to undertake dangerous tasks, which have allegedly included suicide, and threatening them with violence if they do not comply. This has been whipped up by some sections of the media and much of the reporting on it has been alarmist and inaccurate, repeating rumours and unsubstantiated claims about its spread and impact.


Some children have begun to discuss the Momo Challenge in and out of school so we have a poster to download in the E-Safety section of the Vine website which contains helpful advice about how to approach it if the subject should come up in discussions with your children.