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Internet Safety Day 2020

At the Vine, we value the internet as an important tool for learning so staying safe online is taken very seriously by us. Today is Internet Safety Day and in school we have been highlighting how we can use the internet whilst staying safe. In FS2, the children have been discussing the questions “What is the internet?”, “What is the internet for?” and “Who owns the internet?” They also watched the adventures of Smartie the Penguin on the Childnet website. Year 1 watched Hector’s World from Think You Know and talked about keeping personal information, like full names and addresses private. The children in Year 2 also discussed this along with the importance of telling a trusted adult if something on the internet upsets you and never meeting someone in real-life who you have only met online. Our SMART rules were revisited in Year 3. Year 4 looked at the fantastic advice given on the NSPCC and Year 5 watched Jigsaw, which is available on Youtube. This film showed how you might be giving away important information about yourself without you realising. For instance, if you post a photo of yourself online wearing school uniform, others will be able to work out which school you go to. Year 6 discussed the consequences of meeting online ‘friends’ in real life, using the events detailed on the Breck Foundation website, and also the problems that arise from using social media inappropriately.

All the above resources, and many more, are available through our e-safety page on the school’s website. Please visit it to stay informed about all aspects of e-safety.