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International Womens Day at The Vine

At The Vine we celebrated International Women's Day on Thursday 8th March, we invited parents to come in and talk about their inspiring roles.


Year 2 had a visit from Lisa McIntyre. She talked to us about her hobby as a Latin American formation team dancer and how she represented England at the World Championships. She told us the dances only last for about 5 minutes, but it takes months of practise and it is really hard work, but lots of fun.

William asked how she felt when she was competing and Lisa said she was nervous and excited.

Gemma asked what her favourite dance was -  It was the Paso Doble.


Mrs Langdon Ellis visited Year 3 to talk about her work at Anglesey Abbey.

Natasha -"It was really interesting finding out about new things (the history of Anglesey Abbey)"

Leah - "I enjoyed learning all about her job and the information she told us."

Isaac - "I liked it when Mrs Langdon-Ellis told us about her favourite part of her job - lighting up the paintings with the torch."

Jack - "I think she was really good at answering the great questions we asked about her job and Anglesey Abbey."


Year 4 thouroughly enjoyed having Mrs Barzi talk to us all about the important job of being a mum! She was born in Russia, then moved to Hungary where Liza was born and is now living in Cambourne. 


Mrs Tracy Beedle talked to Year 5 about her former career as a Chartered Civil Engineer. Comments from the children included:

Ashvika - "It inspired me about Civil Engineering. Thank you Mrs Beedle."

Adam - "I was inspired by Mrs Beedle's speech because Civil Engineering is cool."

Owen - "Civil Engineering isn't a job that I had in mind but it sounds really fun how Mrs Beedle explained it. Going into the sewers would be disgusting and cool and can you imagine the view from up on the tower crane."

Emily A - " I liked how she was telling us her experience of when she was younger."

Shannon - "She used a clear voice. I think I might want to do the planning bits and build the buildings."