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Final Accelerated Reader Update

The final update for this year, and these are the children who have reached their Summer 2 target this week:

Ben, Emily H, Erin, Holly, Jacob, Jasmine, Jenson, Leon, Parnika, Ralph and Sienna (Y3)

Isha, Ishita, Jack C, Leo, Natalia and Noah (Y4)

Jessie, Pihu and Sophie (Y5)


Congratulations to our final word millionaire of 2022-23 – Hannah (Y6).


We have some special awards to give for the end of the year. Some children have managed to reach their AR target every half term:

Amelie, Annabelle, Aya, Chloe, Emilia, Emily H, Esme C, Evelyn, Finley, George G, Holly, Isabelle, Jacob, Leon Z, Lydia, Michael, Penelope, Peter and Vishruth (Y3)

Anu, Benjamin, Ebrahim, Jacob and Nakshtra (Y4)

Ankita, James, Jessie, Krithik, Pihu, Robert and Sophie (Y5)


The class with the highest word count is Tanzanite Class with over 25 million words!! The children with the highest word counts are:

Year 3 - Lydia

Year 4 - Ebrahim

Year 5 - Robert

Year 6 - Maryam


And a special mention for Jasper Class – every single child reached their target this half term!


Finally, a huge thank you to families who have donated books, we will have some fabulous new stories for the children to read in September.