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Celebrating the Coronation at The Vine School

The Union Jack flag was raised and there was a sea of red, white and blue across the school.

Pupils in Reception and Preschool at The Vine had a fantastic week celebrating the coronation of King Charles. During the run up to the event pupils learnt about the King’s life as a prince, what happens in a coronation and found out about other members of the Royal family.  We enjoyed making our own royal crowns and Union Jack flags to wear and wave at our coronation party, where we shared food, listened to music and gave 3 cheers for the King.

The pupils are really enjoying writing so jumped at the chance to have a go at writing a letter to the King. We hope he enjoys reading about our special celebrations.

“King Charles, I hope you live forever” Anabelle

“A coronation is where the King gets his crown” Aaron

“I think a crown would be really heavy to wear” Alfie

“This is the best day, ever!” Benji


The rest of the school also made memories to mark the historic occasion, collecting samples of the activities to store in a time capsule. Activities included: decorating biscuits, making flags and crowns, creating golden carriages, keyrings and king collages, making personal postage stamps, baking scones for a teaparty, painting stones and baking carrot cake. All enjoyed a fabulous special coronation lunch too. A truly fabulous day to remember.