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KS2 Art Masterclass - Specialist Workshop

KS2 Art Masterclass - Specialist Workshop 1
KS2 Art Masterclass - Specialist Workshop 2

Art Masterclass organised by Network CB23 held at Haslingfield Endowed CE Primary School, offered two Year 5 pupils an opportunity to actively participate in a high learning potential art lesson with peers from other primary schools at the beginning of the Spring term.


Together with pupils from Barton CE Primary School, Bourn CE Primary School, Meridian Primary School and Haslingfield Endowed CE Primary School, our Year 5 pupils were taught by specialist art teacher Katherine Woodard to apply their drawing skills in depth and become more proficient in pencil sketching. They also explored ideas creating collage. Whilst evaluating and analysing sketches and collages, they learned to understand the need for shadow and form from careful shading and drawing ‘what you see.’ Here's what they thought:


“I really enjoyed the Art Masterclass. I learnt that if you use shadow when you sketch, it looks very effective and realistic. You can use different sketch pencils to create various styles and thicknesses. One of my favourite parts was the warm up where you had to draw a cup in lots of different ways e.g. with our non-dominant hand, not looking at the paper. I loved the whole experience.


“I really enjoyed the Art Masterclass and I feel like I improved a lot in collage which we made of a cup and saucer. It was fun and a good experience.”  


Network cb23 is a community of 15 schools comprising thirteen primary schools and two secondary schools within the southwest Cambridge area. Founded in 2009 (and originally called Network 11) it is an equal partnership of strong and diverse schools.