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Welcome to The Vine Inter-Church Primary School.

This website will provide you with lots of information, I especially recommend looking at the curriculum page  to find out about our exciting topics and the celebrating talents should give you a flavour of the range of skills we have in our school. Our video tour below is a great way to have an insight into school life here at The Vine.


At The Vine we aim to provide families with an educational experience that develops their children in a rounded way. We are passionate about the Arts and Sports, as well as building lifelong learning skills. As well as growing the basic academic skills of children and creating a culture where pupils can master subjects we aim to:


· Equip every child with the basic skills needed each year to move through the education system as smoothly as possible, to ultimately get into further education or the workplace of their choosing.

· Develop the moral compass of children, as proud citizens, to understand their place in the wider global context and to develop a conscience to champion the rights of everyone.

· Expose all children to a range of artistic, sporting and academic disciplines to allow the development of passion.

· Equip children with the resilience, high expectations and determination needed to take risks as learners and 21st century citizens, even when it is hard.

· Welcome all pupils, parents, staff members and visitors with love and honesty.


We pride ourselves on our support for all children in a range of areas. Behaviour expectations are high at our school, meaning pupils are able to focus on their learning.


I hope that you enjoy looking at our website and we look forward to welcoming you to The Vine.

If you are interested in applying for a place for your child please look at our admissions page


Head teacher: Mr L Faris


To flourish as citizens in an ecumenical and diverse community, our intrinsic motivations are rooted in the fruit of the spirit to nurture love, tolerance, respect and compassion for all. We strive to act responsibly with self-discipline, patience and perseverance; to embrace challenge leading to the joy and rewards of life-long learning.


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