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Wood mouse

Wood mouse

The tiny, brown wood mouse is the most common woodland mammal (it belongs to the rodent family, like, rats and squirrels) The wood mouse is mostly nocturnal and secretive so is very hard to spot. They are similar to the house mouse, but have larger ears and eyes in comparison to its body size.


They only live for a year at the most, if they are lucky to survive. They are on the menu of many predators, unfortunately.


They feast on nuts, seeds and invertebrates such as earthworms, caterpillars and centipedes.


Where do they live?

It is in the name really, wood mice live in woodland, but they can live in a many of habitats including farmland, parks and gardens. Sometimes they will go into buildings.


What do they look like?
Wood mice have brown fur with pale underparts, large black eyes, big ears. Their bodies are around 10cm long. They have a very long, hairless tail.

The large eyes and big ears are very important to survive for this tiny nocturnal animal. Why do you think that is? See picture.