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Wildlife at the Vine

Welcome to our exciting
Learning Outside the Classroom project:
Wildlife at the Vine


Through this project - the pupils will be encouraged to appreciate and love the wonders of nature.  We aim to nurture and foster a respect for our  environment and a love of God. Through us all working together to respect our school grounds, we are building upon our belief that ‘as many hands build a house, so many hearts make a school.’ 


Who are our wildlife neighbours?

With help of some camera traps we follow what interesting wildlife are visiting our school grounds or call it their home (habitat).

Keep your eyes peeled, because we will share our findings here on the website. Hopefully we will get many sightings, then we will have lots of animals to show you! Have a look at our wildlife footage and get more information about our visitors in Animal Facts.


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Latest News


Update 21.7.23


This week we have had some special visitors, a prickly friend overnight and a very inquisitive bird. Over the summer break we would love you to take some photos or video of wildlife wherever you may be going, our community post would love to see nature from further afield in Cambourne and the wider world. For this weeks videos please follow the link

Please send photos and videos to

Update 6.7.23


This week we have had lots of wildlife enjoying the water bowls, there has been lots of splashing and bathing from the birds and a very thirsty squirrel came to visit. We also had a very fluffy baby song thrush being photogenic. Don't forget to share any of your wildlife videos or pictures for our community posts.

Update 30.06.23


This week we have had a very busy bird this week collecting sticks and snails, we have also seen a return of one of our nighttime visitors can you guess which one it is?

On the community posts we have a great picture of a bat! This weekend can you spot and photograph some wildlife, we would love to add it to our community posts.

Update 23.06.23


This week we have had lots of bird activity, the nights have been mild, and they have been caught looking for food at night as well. We have also had a nighttime visitor trying to find its way in!

On the community posts we have some lovely photos of some kestrels, please do share anything wildlife that you see around where you live which we can share with the school community.

Update 16.06.23


The wildlife has been very busy over the half term break, they have certainly enjoyed the warm weather and quiet grounds. We have a very busy song thrush, a baby robin, lots of water fights at the water bowls and have had a nighttime visitor who moved incredibly quickly! We had hoped to catch the birds fledging from their nest in the cone but alas we were not successful however the cone was visited by some other animals. Please do share anything wildlife that you see around where you live.

Update 25.05.23


Unfortunately, this week there has been some technical issues with our wildlife cameras with only two out of four recording. However our two working cameras managed to record very busy squirrels and lots of foraging birds.

Over the half term break you might be out and about in the local community or travelling further afield maybe you could capture some wildlife pictures or videos from the places you visit and then email them to and then we can share them on our community post.

The wildlife trust are running some family sessions if you would like to join them



Update 19.05.23


The school’s wildlife has been very shy this week with not very many visitors, however we have been able to hear lots of lovely birdsong.

Can you help me name the type of bird in the woods?

To see this weeks videos please follow the link to the video resources centre


Find out about our Wildlife visiting this week

Foxes, badgers and hedgehogs



Community Posts

Do let us know, if you see some great wildlife in your garden, park, balcony, please sent us your photos (just ask your parent/carer for permission).


The Wildlife Team

Wildlife Extra