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Wildlife at the Vine

Welcome to our exciting new
Learning Outside the Classroom project:
Wildlife at the Vine


Who are our wildlife neighbours?

Until now we didn’t know, but with the help of some camera traps we will find out what interesting wildlife are visiting our school grounds or call it their home (habitat).

Keep your eyes peeled, because we will share our findings here on the website. Hopefully we will get many sightings, then we will have lots of animals to show you! Have a look at our wildlife footage and get more information about our visitors in Animal Facts.


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Update 05.05.21

The birds keep coming, so we can keep adding to our list of bird species, we had Green finches and Dunnock visiting and Chaffinch seems to be a return guest.

That was not all, because we have a new visitor, a nocturnal one, please look at the footage and find out more.

Last but absolutely not least, the humble bumble bee managed to trigger our camera when it emerged from underground, because of the lovely weather.


Do let us know, if you see some great wildlife in your garden, park, balcony, please sent us your photos (just ask your parent/carer for permission).


The Wildlife Team

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