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The Vine Volunteers was established when the school first opened in September 2005. We are enthusiastic and dedicated parents and carers who get together to plan, organise and run a varied programme of events throughout the school year such as Disco's, Bingo night and the annual Summer Celebration. We also support the numerous school events by providing refreshments, information and a warm welcome.
In planning our activities and events we:

  • bring people together to get to know one another
  • raise money to enrich the school experience for all pupils
  • have fun!
As a parent or carer at The Vine School you are automatically a member of the Vine Volunteers and are warmly invited to play an active part.

How can I be an active Vine Volunteer?

  • You can join in with our activities and special events, all our fundraising needs planning and help on the day;
  • You can come along to our meetings;
  • You can stand for election as the Chair, the Treasurer or the Secretary.

What happens at the meetings?

  • Our meetings are a good opportunity for parents and carers to share ideas, plan future events and make decisions about spending the money we have raised;
  • We keep our meetings short and sweet – ideally an hour – very informal and timetabled to suit those that wish to attend.
  • We publish an agenda, record our discussions and circulate minutes. A copy of our minutes are held in the Vine Volunteers file available from the school office;
  • We understand that some parents/carers are not able to attend meetings but don’t worry – you can still play an active part by offering your help and support.