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When a concern is identified about a pupil, a graduated response is applied:

  • Within the classroom, a differentiated   curriculum is provided. Differentiation may be achieved in a range of ways  including: modifications in teaching style, different learning objectives,  access to a range of resources, level of adult support and/or individual behaviour  management strategies.
  • A ‘booster’ group intervention that focuses on a particular area of the curriculum may be provided for a limited period  to ‘catch up’ with peers.
  • Pupils who display specific difficulties are recorded on the Schools SEND register and are targeted for interventions  and support from The Vine Inclusion Team. These pupils may have one or more of the following: significant difficulties in literacy or numeracy, persistent emotional or behavioural difficulties, communication and /or interaction      difficulties or physical needs which require specialist equipment or advice from a specialist service. Support provided may be individual or small group programmes and are ‘additional to’ or ‘different from’ the well-differentiated curriculum offered for all pupils.
  • For pupils who, despite appropriate  differentiation and interventions, fail to make adequate progress the Inclusion Co-ordinator in partnership with the parent/carer will refer the  pupil for further advice from outside agencies. These pupils will have an  individual ‘Additional Support Plan’ that will record individual targets  and achievements and form the basis of the discussion between school and parents/carers.  
  • If, after advice from outside agencies, the  school and parent/carer considers that help is required from beyond the  school a request for an Education Health Care Plan (EHCP) will be made to  the Local Authority.