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Grey squirrel

Do you know the grey squirrels were first brought to the UK from North America in the 19th century, so it’s a non-native species.  Since that time they have spread out to almost every part of the UK, our native squirrel species is now only present in those parts where the grey one isn’t. Do you know what our UK native squirrel looks like and what colour it is?


The grey squirrel doesn’t not hibernate during the winter, but in cold weather they will curl up and use their bushy tail as a blanket to keep warm. Well who wouldn’t?


Their nest is called a drey and is made from twigs and branches. Now the trees are still bare, you might be able to see one if you look up. They look a bit like a bird’s nest.


In the Autumn they collect food (nuts, acorns and tree seeds) and bury them in the ground. To prevent the food from being stolen they pretend to bury it, to fool other squirrels that may be watching and then hide it elsewhere. What a clever way to survive the winter.


Do you know of ways to help squirrels find food during this cold period especially during snow, if so let us know how.

If you have seen some great wildlife in your garden/park, please sent us your photos (just ask your parent/carer for permission)