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School Closure Communication

Supporting vulnerable and Critical worker children during the January 2021 lockdown.


The DFE have asked school to be open for the children of critical workers and vulnerable pupils during this lockdown period. We aim to be able to offer as many spaces as we safely can so that front line critical workers can support the national Covid19 effort.


At The Vine our Risk Assessment is reviewed at least weekly, these meetings inform the number of critical worker and vulnerable spaces we have to safely offer.


Due to staff vulnerabilities, individual risk assessments and underlying health conditions, staff will work on a rota system to minimise their risk of catching and spreading  Covid 19.


We have enough adults  (based on the safely led rota) to staff  one classroom for critical and vulnerable provision per year group.


Pupils were initially placed in this provision based on them applying before the deadline of Tues 5th January 2021 and meeting criteria that was provided at the time. After this a prioritised waiting list has been produced which is reviewed each Monday and spaces offered as available.


Where we are unable to offer a full placement we will offer part time.