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Music at the Vine

At The Vine, we believe strongly in celebrating talent. We pride ourselves with the wide range of extra-curricular activities which children can participate in for Music. We believe that music enriches the lives of people, and so we wish to involve as many children as possible in musical activities. These activities include:

  • Weekly singing assemblies lead by the Music co-ordinator which provides opportunities for whole school singing;
  • Vine Voices choir for KS2 children;
  • Little Vine Voices choir for KS1 children;
  • Golden Time Clubs and Bands;
  • Musician of the Week, where children with a music talent perform to the school;
  • Additional music tuition provided by RockSteady Music School;
  • Y2 Christmas production and Y6 Summer production.


The Blues and Roots Ensemble


On Wednesday 6th March, The Vine had a very exciting and inspiring visit from The Blues and Roots ensemble, a group of jazz musicians. Their music is inspired by Charles Mingus (1922 – 1979), a very talented, American jazz performer and composer.


The Blues and Roots ensemble first performed an incredible concert to KS2 in the hall. We enjoyed listening to a range of jazz music and learning about the history of this style of music. Year 5 then engaged in workshops with the musicians where they explored the music further and even composed their own jazz piece.


We thoroughly enjoyed the morning! Here are some comments from the children:

“I liked how they played different music from all around America,” Chloe (Y4).

“They were an amazing band!” Evie (Y4).

“It made me want to sing and dance,” Beau (Y3).

“I liked the mixture of the double bass with all the instruments playing together. The blues ensemble payed in unison,” Tegan (Y3).

“It was remarkable!” Arvids (Y3).


Please have a listen to some of the recordings from the day!



Sing Up Song

This term our sing up songs will be:

Week 1 - It's Good To Be Me

Week 2 - Our God Is A Great Big God

Weeks 3 - He'll Be There

Week 4 - Say Amen

Week 5 - Reach For The Stars

Week 6 - One More Step

Week 7 - Viva La Vida

Musician of the Week

GT Band - Live recording

Emily, Daisy, Ellie - Fight Song

Lucy - Lovely

Frankie - Shotgun.mp3

Keren - The Cup Song.mp3

Libby Thousand Years - Mix down.mp3

Summer_Drag Me Down.mp3

Yumna - A Million Dreams 2.mp3

Deke -How Far I'll Go.mp3

Tomas_Greatest Day.mp3

Lena_Holly_All of Me.mp3

Vine Voices

Listen to the the songs we are singing at Vine Voices and practise them at home!

Something Just Like This.mp3

Something Just Like This One Voice choir.mp3

Something Just Like This Backing Track.mp3