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Hilltop Blog 2019

Day 1


Wow! What an amazing first day at Hilltop!


We arrived at about 11:40 am after a long coach journey and were shown to our rooms. After lunch, we split into groups and started our afternoon activities. Group 1 had a go at the crates and archery, group 2 completed the high ropes and group 3 tackled the assault/agility course and braved the big zipper. In the evening, we gathered together for our evening meal (burgers and chips, followed by apple crumble) and then went outside for a game of ‘Next Stop’ in the dark.


Year 6 have achieved so much today and we are all very proud of them for having a go!


Off to bed now after drinking our hot chocolates, ready for another exciting day tomorrow.





Flora - It was really fun, falling off the pizza box (a big pole!) with Katie and Ellie.

Ellie - It was a great experience as you could experience the things you don’t think that you can do!

Abi R - I found it really fun even with my sore arms - they didn’t stop me doing the activities!

Isabel - I was scared but they helped me climb at least ten steps and I’m proud of that.

Livia - This afternoon was really fun, despite the fact that half the time I was terrified!

Indi - You do not want to do this...!

Joshua L - It was really fun but really scary. I liked it still because we had to work together. 

Elliot - I really enjoyed the high ropes because of the wobbly pole and the trapeze.

Ilani - We had so much fun doing the high ropes today.

Naomi - I enjoyed how they had one where you had to jump as you had to push yourself to really do it! And I did it!

Deke - I really liked facing my fear of heights because it made me more confident. And I’m really tired!

Theo - It was very fun climbing up the tall totem pole but scary when we looked down!

Gabriel - I enjoyed when we were jumping down as it gave a nice feel.

Emily - I thought that I couldn’t do it but I carried on and now I feel proud of myself.

Tala - I loved today and I loved challenging myself because it gave me new ideas about what I can actually do.

Katie - It was really fun and I like how you got to choose which challenge you wanted to do.

Aram – I was very nervous about the big zipper but when I went down, it wasn’t very scary at all.

Amy – I challenged myself today and felt proud as it was scary and fun at the same time.

Harry – Even though, I hadn’t done the activities before, I felt confident and it was a good experience.

Hayley -  I was nervous at first and thought I wouldn’t be able to do anything, but once I did some activities I wanted to do more.

Rosa – I did things that I didn’t think I would be able to do before coming to Hilltop.

Harrison – I liked the big zipper because when you’re down on the ground, you need to complete different jobs to help the others having a go.

Dylan – My advice would be that if you’re nervous, do it as quickly as you can so your brain doesn’t have time to think about it.

Abbie E – Sometimes I was really nervous but when I started the activities, it was really enjoyable.

Maddy – I thought the crates would be easy but it was hard to help others get up the ropes.

Tomas S – I used to be afraid of heights but completing the high ropes built my confident and I went higher than I thought I would.

Lucy – I thought archery would be easy but it was hard because you had to aim very carefully.

Alvin – During the crates activity, we had the responsibility of helping the other people in my group.

Thomas C – Hilltop isn’t about getting better at what you know; it is about pushing yourself further.

Sia – I learnt new things that I never thought I would learn and I really enjoyed it.

RJ – Hilltop helped to open my eyes and enabled me to do things I wasn’t able to do.

Ethan – Hilltop is thrilling, adventurous and team building.




Day 2


Another fantastic day today for Year 6 at Hilltop. We were up and early this morning and after filling up on a cooked breakfast, we began our group activities. Despite the rain this afternoon, we had lots of fun. It was fantastic to see the children having a go and challenging themselves that little bit further today – we are so proud of them all!

Tonight, we enjoyed a delicious Christmas meal before venturing out into the woods to enjoy a game of Owls and Mice (hide and seek) in the dark.

Off to bed now ready for our last day tomorrow.



Imogen – During owls and mice, I wasn’t scared once I’d had a go and it was so much fun.

Jack – When I saw the big zipper, I was really scared but I just tried to think about enjoying it instead of being nervous.

Eloise – The tree top trail made my fear of heights go away.

Hiba – At first, when I saw the high ropes, I was scared and didn’t know if I could do it all but I kept going and I realised that I could do it.

Aydin – When I saw the high ropes, I felt really nervous but as soon as I got on there I felt much better.

Bobbi – Before I went on the big zipper, I was really afraid because it looked really fast, however when I went on it, is was really fun. The second time on my back was amazing.

Courtney – At the start of the tree top trail, it was really challenging but then I got the hang of it.

Chloe – I feel like I have challenged myself and realised that I can achieve much more when I believe in myself.

Oriana – You can’t say you don’t like it if you don’t try it!

Fabian – On the assault course, I thought it would be easy but it was trickier than it looked.

Daisy – I have now done things I didn’t know I could do before.

Mila – I faced my fears and now I feel really happy that I did it!

Amelie – I surprised myself by going on the high ropes and going further than I expected.

William – The big zipper gave me an ultimate wedgie!

Finley – Before I went on the tree top trail, I thought it wasn’t that high but when you are up there it is much scarier.

CK –The zip line on the tree top trail looked really scary but when I did it, I learnt that I shouldn’t let the fear take control of me.

Josh C – When I saw the big zipper, I thought I wouldn’t do it because it was high, but I believed in myself and managed to have a go.

Kitty – I am really proud that I completed the big zipper.

Maja – I didn’t think that I would be able to go on the big zipper (especially on my back) – it was brilliant.

Yara – When I first got on the big zipper, it was really high. However, when I got back down it was a lot better.

Tamar – I was surprised by the things that I have been able to achieve.

Charlotte – On the way here, I didn’t think I could achieve much but I am proud of myself because I have done well.

Day 3


Year 6’s last day at Hilltop has been fantastic. We packed our bags before breakfast (hopefully nothing has been left behind) and then completed the last of our group activities. Once again, we have surprised ourselves by what we have achieved – everyone has challenged themselves today (including the teachers, especially Miss Foster)! After a delicious lunch, we thanked the staff for an incredible stay and then boarded the coach. 54 tired children are now home safe and sound with lots of amazing memories which will last forever.


Well done Year 6, we are so proud of you!