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Ancient Sites in Athens, Greece

The Ancient sites in Athens from the Classical and the Roman times, and couple of places left from the Byzantine Empire. The Acropolis in Athens is listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Locations in the video: The Acropolis (0:01), Herodes Theatre (0:11), Theatre of Dionysus (0:22), Propylaea - the gateway to the Acropolis (0:41), Parthenon (1:01), Erechtheion (1:10), View to Lykavittos Hill from the Acropolis (1:45), Roman Agora (2:30), Church of St. Nicholas Rangavas in Anafiotica (2:47), Anafiotica (2:59), Arch of Hadrian (3:10), Temple of Olympian Zeus (3:19), National Garden (3:25), Views from Lykavittos Hill (also known as Mount Lycabettus) (3:33), Church of Panaghia Kapnikarea (3:45), Library of Hadrian (3:53), Tower of the Winds (4:01), Ancient Agora (4:13), Temple of Hephaestus (4:17), Church of the Holy Apostles (4:48), Stoa of Attalos (4:52), Views of the Acropolis from Filopappos Hill (4:59), Acropolis Museum (5:28), National Archaeological Museum (5:53), The Acropolis at night (6:16).