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At The Vine School we take data security very seriously. We believe that a key part of our school vision prayer (rooted in Mathew -28) is the pursuit of “peace” and “contentment” , when people feel these emotions they will feel safe and able to flourish. One way for us to support stakeholders to feel safe is through strong GDPR systems.  Our pupils, parents, carers, staff, governance members and stakeholders have the right to be informed, to object, to rectification, to erasure, to restrict processing and to data portability. Our strategy for GDPR is now in place. Please find below our privacy notice and our data protection policies. 


All survey responses will be made anonymous if distributed to wider school staff or others.  Senior Leaders will have access to all replies as they are submitted. Any Safeguarding issue reported will be shared with the Designated Safeguarding lead. Class teachers will be informed of information that is relevant to them for making sure pupils in their care are happy and progressing well at school (relevance will be decided by the Headteacher / Deputy headteacher on a case by case basis) 


Our Data Protection Officer is the Cambridgeshire ICT service


Our Data Protection admin officer is M Brunsting


The committee who oversees GDPR is chaired by D Rainbow