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Frequently Asked Questions


Q- What will the school do with regards to the current Covid19 situation?

A- We are always following the lasted guidance from the DFE and reviewing our provision and risk assessment in light of any changes. Currently, we are having to adapt our transition processes to limit contact and keep you, your child and ourselves safe. Children are to wash their hands as soon as they enter the classroom and will wash at regular intervals throughout the day. We have recently been updated that we are able to have a class of 30 in September but must do our best to ensure groups do not mix. Therefore, worships (assemblies) and lunchtimes will take place in the classroom. Children will still have the opportunity to play outside but this will take place with their class for the time being.


Q- My child has missed weeks or months of preschool, are they behind?

A- We all fully appreciate this has been a difficult time for everyone and this has potentially created a lot of new worries on top of the usual starting school concerns. Please be reassured that we are very used to working with children who come in at all stages and we will do our absolute best to get your child to the expected level at the end of the year. The EYFS curriculum encompasses all areas of life and therefore you all will have been ‘teaching’ it without even knowing. In terms of the subjects such as reading, writing and maths, our curriculum allows us to cover the very basics and we always teach in small groups at a level that suits your child. We are currently working on a recovery curriculum so that we will have things in place to help pupils further in September.


Q- Where do I order uniform?

A- Please visit

School uniform consists of dark grey trousers or skirts or pinafores and for the summer lilac gingham or striped dresses. We suggest you get the uniform delivered directly to your home rather than the school, given the current situation. You are also able to buy basic items such school trousers, Shorts, dresses etc. in local shops and supermarkets.


Q-What should my child bring to school?

A- Every day you child needs to bring their water bottle. Usually they would bring in a book back but to limit contact, we ask that these remain at home for the time being. Usually their PE kit can stay in a separate bag on their peg for the half term, so it is ready when we need it. However, the current guidance requires regular washing, so we will ask you to send your child in wearing their PE kit on the day they have PE. We will confirm this with you in September.


Q- What colour book-bag should I buy?

A- Essential Schoolwear sell The Vine book-bags on their website. If you wish to buy your own, it is preferred that it matches our school uniform (purple).


Q- What should they wear for PE?

  • A- Navy blue jogging bottoms (outdoor)
  • Navy blue shorts (indoor)
  • Navy blue t-shirt or polo shirt
  • Navy blue sweatshirt
  • Trainers


Q- What time does school start and finish?
A- Usually our gates open at 8.25 am ready for registration at 8.40 am. However, please refer to the FS2 welcome booklet for the timings of our staggered starts for the first few weeks in September. There will also be staggered start and end times for each year group to minimise contact. These timings will be confirmed with you nearer the time.

Q- What if I need longer wrap around care?

A- Contact our Breakfast & After School Club for more information. Email:   or


Q- Which phonics program do you use?

A- We teach phonics using Read, Write, Inc. If you would like more information, please visit their website.


Q- My child doesn’t know anyone, what should I do?

A- Please don’t worry, children are very sociable and make friends easily especially in our EYFS classroom where our curriculum is based around play.


Q- How does lunchtime work?

A- The menu for the half term is posted online under the ‘parents’ section of the website so that you can discuss this at home in advance. Children then choose their lunch every morning. There are always three hot meals to choose from; meat, vegetarian and a jacket potato, and one cold option of different sandwiches. Normally at lunch time the teacher and teaching assistant take the class to the hall and help them collect their lunch and assist with cutting the food where needed. However, they will remain in the classroom to eat their lunch to begin with due to the current situation. Water is available to them. Once the children have finished they then go onto the playground where they are supervised by teaching assistants.  


Q- Will my child get a snack?

A- All children in Foundation Stage & Key Stage 1 are entitled to a free piece of fruit/vegetable. We have our snack time in the morning and children will be offered a piece of fruit /vegetable and milk if they like. We also encourage the children to drink water throughout the day.


Q- What happens if my child has a toilet accident?

A- We understand that at this age, toilet accidents may happen from time to time. Our staff be there to reassure and help your child. If your child is prone to accidents, we recommend you send in a bag with spare uniform and pants in so they have their own clothes to get changed in. If not, please don't worry, we always have spare clothes on hand just in case.


Q- What if my child requires First Aid?

A- All our staff are First Aid trained and know how treat your child. If your child sustains an injury to the head, be it be bumping heads with a friend or on something else, we will follow our head protocol. After treatment, staff will closely observe your child and a red head letter will be sent home with them at the end of the day, informing you of where the head injury is and what treatment they have recieved. Sometimes we may call you just to make you aware if an injury has happened so you are prepared for it when the child comes home. If we feel the injury is non-lifethreatening but may need a medical professional, we will call you to let you know.