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Cambourne’s Volunteer Task Force (COVID-19)

We are a team of Volunteers to help the community as the threat of COVID-19 increases.

▪If you are concerned about going out or need any help, we have volunteers who are able to assist our most vulnerable in Cambourne and neighbouring villages.
▪We also have trustworthy volunteers who are happy to talk over the phone to those who are in isolation, as this will be extremely important for people living alone.

If you need HELP please fill the form on the website or drop an email with your name and phone number to:


How Cambourne Volunteer Task Force can help.

Spread Some Joy Campaign


The Spread some Joy campaign sends electronic copies of pictures, drawings, poems and letters to Care/Nursing homes for isolated vulnerable elderly people. This campaign aims at improving the mental health of the elderly.

 Please ask the children to draw/paint joyful pictures or write an assuring letter/message which we can send on to all the care homes and isolated elderly individuals to help Spread some Joy and brighten their day. 

Please email all the submissions to:-

Please read the Guidelines below.