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Burwell Blog 2019


We are so excited to be off on our trip to Burwell in the morning.

Please remember to come in your non-uniform and be prepared for all weather! We will be welcoming the children in the side entrance of the hall at normal drop off time (8:30-8:40). 


Day 1 so far


After arriving to Burwell House, we got straight into our first activity The Snail Game. This involved a treasure hunt around the grounds to really explore the area and learn facts about the house. Then lunch, yummy sausage and mash followed by choclate sponge with chocolate custard!

Then lots of team challenges and some free time. Now to find out our roomies...

Grubs up!

We are all in our PJ’s and watching a movie. Winding down for sleep time (we hope!)
Lights out at Burwell house. Goodnight all!

Day 2

A successful first night, we have had breakfast and now it’s time for room inspections. Winners to be announced!!

And the winners are... Drove and Snail rooms. Lets hope they can keep it up for you at home also!


What a busy morning so far, we have been making natural sculptures, clay pots and smelly cocktails. We have been Roman marching and sky walking. Now its time for lunch...roast chicken dinner, Yum!

What a busy day, we have just finished the last of the days activities and getting ready for dinner. This evening’s entertainment will consist of Bingo and a sing song. 
Burwell’s Got Talent went down a treat and after an evening full of fun the children are up in their bedrooms ready for lights out. 
Goodnight from Burwell

Day 3 


Good Morning from Burwell. 

We started the morning fresh after a great nights sleep. All our bags are packed and we are busy getting underway with the morning’s activities, Burwell challenge and the infamous Burwell Fox!


Where’s Whitbread?

And just like that our Burwell adventure has come to an end. Looking forward to seeing you all back at school for 3pm. Thank you to all who made this trip so fantastic!