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Welcome to Remote Enrichment Activities

Summer Maths Challenge (All Year Groups)

Spring Maths Challenge (All Year Groups)

What are the names of this teacher and her dog? Listen carefully...can you guess the language? Did you spot what he likes to eat?

Still image for this video
Read what is being spoken and look at the words. Can you compare them to English to work out what they mean? Click on the link below.


Dear Vine Pupils,


Click on a topic to learn something you didn’t know before. Listen to music. Test your cultural knowledge. Watch a ballet performance or a Shakespeare play. Improve your cooking skills. Email or send a message using the contact form at the bottom of the page.  


Best wishes,

Mrs Lee

Academic Mentor


For more information about Aspiration Enrichment and Smart Cookie Greater Depth Learning at The Vine Interchurch Primary School, visit the links below:

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