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Year 2



Welcome to Year 2 2018-19


Autumn Term 1


We began Year 2 exploring our new classrooms and reacquainting ourselves with our classmates. We thought about how we would create a happy and safe learning space and how we need to keep safe online. We learnt how we could work cooperatively and achieve results in a team. We reflected on the story of creation as told in the Bible and thought about how Christians would describe this world maker. We explored outside, with all this in mind and drew the best bits of our special world.


Stories and Toys


In English we had fun acting and playing games assisting The Jolly Postman deliver his letters. This helped us to understand what makes a traditional tale. We became authors; writing our own stories using fantastic adjectives to help our readers picture our settings and characters in their heads. Our imaginative writing was improved by studying toys through the ages. Everyone (even the adults!) learnt something after exploring the amazing historical toy box from St Neots museum and listening to Ann from The Farmland Museum. Many of the children went home and raided their parents and grandparents attics to share some lovely old toys and compared them to their own toys, using big voices and answering interesting questions too! We also investigated which material was best to make an umbrella to keep teddy dry and used our number bond knowledge and measuring skills to create a moving, model vehicle using a chassis, axles and wheels.

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Upcoming Events

Nativity Dates:


Year 2 will be performing their Christmas Nativity "The Inn-Spectors" on


Thursday 13th December 2018 2pm


Friday 14th December 2018 2pm


It will be the same performance on both days.

Tickets are not required, but please bring a donation to our Year 2 charity and enjoy refreshments afterwards.


Please assist your child in learning the song words and any speaking part they are given.