Special Educational Needs and Disability

Offer of Special Educational Needs and Disability Provision at The Vine School Inter-Church Primary School

At The Vine Inter-Church Primary School we pride ourselves on our inclusive ethos and our commitment to providing an appropriate and high quality education for all our pupils. We believe that all children, including those identified as having special educational needs and /or disabilities (SEND) have an entitlement to a broad and balanced academic and social curriculum. A pupil is considered to have a Special Educational Need and/or disability if he or she has defined difficulties over and above those generally experienced by the majority of children of the same age. For pupils with identified SEND needs we make many adaptations to our educational provision and the school environment in order for all pupils to be fully included in all aspects of school life. We identify barriers to learning as they arise and provide appropriate support to enable every child to achieve his or her potential. SEND may be an explanation for delayed or slower progress but is not an excuse and we make every effort to narrow the gap in attainment between vulnerable groups of learners and others.

Identification of SEND

The needs of most pupils are met through ‘Quality first Teaching,’ this is the high-quality everyday personalised teaching, based on clear objectives that builds on previous learning and enables all learners to make good progress. Identification is made when a pupil is not making the expected progress. Pupils may be identified with a SEND through a range of ways including data analysis, class teacher observations, parent/carer concerns and/or liaison with other professionals.

Support Offered

When a concern is identified about a pupil, a graduated response is applied:

  • Within the classroom, a differentiated   curriculum is provided. Differentiation may be achieved in a range of ways  including: modifications in teaching style, different learning objectives,  access to a range of resources, level of adult support and/or individual behaviour  management strategies.
  • A ‘booster’ group intervention that focuses on a particular area of the curriculum may be provided for a limited period  to ‘catch up’ with peers.
  • Pupils who display specific difficulties are recorded on the Schools SEND register and are targeted for interventions  and support from The Vine Inclusion Team. These pupils may have one or more of the following: significant difficulties in literacy or numeracy, persistent emotional or behavioural difficulties, communication and /or interaction      difficulties or physical needs which require specialist equipment or advice from a specialist service. Support provided may be individual or small group programmes and are ‘additional to’ or ‘different from’ the well-differentiated curriculum offered for all pupils.
  • For pupils who, despite appropriate  differentiation and interventions, fail to make adequate progress the Inclusion Co-ordinator in partnership with the parent/carer will refer the  pupil for further advice from outside agencies. These pupils will have an  individual ‘Additional Support Plan’ that will record individual targets  and achievements and form the basis of the discussion between school and parents/carers.  
  • If, after advice from outside agencies, the  school and parent/carer considers that help is required from beyond the  school a request for an Education Health Care Plan (EHCP) will be made to  the Local Authority.
  • Range of Provision/ Resources

    The Vine offers an extensive range of provision and resources to support pupils with SEND. Our offer includes the following:


    • An Inclusion Co-ordinator (Ali Cooper, Deputy  Headteacher) who oversees whole school provision of support for pupils  with SEND.    
    • An Inclusion Manager (Nicola Jones) who collects data, maintains the records, analyses the impact of interventions and supports the smooth running of the Inclusion Team.
    • Classteachers delivering ‘Quality First Teaching’ with high quality differentiated teaching methods to support individual progress
    • Classroom based Teaching Assistants who are provided with on-going appropriate professional development and training opportunities     
    • The Vine School Inclusion Team – a team of  teaching assistants who, through additional training, have become specialised in supporting pupils with SEND
    • One to one Teaching Assistants for pupils with statements/EHCs or high level need
    • Three qualified counsellors who provide on-site counselling for individual pupils
    • Excellent working relationships with a wide range of outside agencies from within and beyond our locality team


    The Vine School is a single storey building with good wheelchair access. The classrooms are well lit and have good acoustic conditions so that the environment is suitable for pupils with visual or hearing impairment. Small group and individual work take place for all age groups throughout the school day in all available spaces including classrooms, the learning centre, the hall, the DT room, the corridors and the outside area. In addition there are identified inclusion rooms:

    • The Rainbow Room – for Reception and Key Stage 1 pupils
    • The Thinking Space – for Key Stage 2 pupils
    • The Counselling Room - for mentoring and mental wellbeing support
    • The Pod – for mentoring and mental wellbeing support


    Additional interventions are recorded on a detailed provision map that is reviewed and updated each term. This map enables the inclusion team to plan interventions for the forthcoming term in order to meet the needs of the pupils and highlights the wide range of programmes that are being run.  


    In response to the needs of pupils we have built up a wealth of inclusion resources. Materials and programmes are purchased as appropriate, matched to recurring needs throughout the school. Specific individual resources are purchased whenever this is viable.


    Developing a positive partnership with all our parents/carers is vital. We believe that parents who take on a proactive, supportive role in their child’s learning make a real difference in improving their child’s achievement and behaviour. Parents of pupils with SEND hold key information and expertise in relation to their own child and we value the on-going communication and consultation between home and school. During review meetings (for students with EHCs) or reviews (for students without an EHC), the parent/carer and the pupil (where appropriate) are fully consulted and involved in discussions and decisions about what type of support and resources the pupil will have. In addition support will be offered to parents/carers so they know how they can further support their son/daughter’s learning needs at home and in the community. For pupils with an EHC/statement or a high level of need, the class teacher and a named Teaching Assistant will regularly communicate with the parent to discuss their child’s progress.

    Further Information

    If you think your child has SEND please see our Special Educational Needs Policy and/or make an appointment with our Inclusion Co-ordinator, Ali Cooper

    The member of the school’s governing body with responsibility for SEND is ALISON BUTLER.

    Other policies

    Other policies which help us to work effectively with pupils who have SEND are:

  • Health and safety policy
  • Equality and Diversity
  • Freedom of Information
  • Safeguarding and Child Protection
  • Positive handling
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Inclusion and Special Needs
  • Promoting Positive Behaviour
  • LA Local Offer

    Further details of the LA local offer can be seen on the following link.



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