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The Kiss that Missed

Written by Monday, 30 June 2014 Published in Reception Book Reviews
The Kiss that Missed

"The Kiss that Missed" by David Melling

This book is recomended for KS1 children.

This is a sweet story about a young prince whose dad hurriedly blows him a goodnight kiss which misses, flies out of the window and into the forest. A hopeless knight on a bemused-looking horse is sent to get it back. Of course he finds the kiss and returns it to the delight of the royal family, but not before he has encountered ‘bears with long claws and growly roars’ and a ‘pack of hungry wolves with dribbly mouths’ and ‘wild creatures with wild eyes, too much hair and very bad manners’.

The prince eventually gets his goodnight story from his dad, surrounded by a dragon, the knight and his horse, and most of the once-scary beasts.

Long Way Home

Written by Monday, 21 July 2014 Published in Year 5 & 6 Book Reviews
Long Way Home

"Long Way Home"

By Michael Morpurgo

Another summer, another foster family for George. He has already decided to run away and go back to the Home where he spends most of his time because he believes that the Dyers won’t like him – no-one else has. But when he meets their children Tom and Storme. Tom teaches George to swim, they save some calves’ lives in a great storm, and then George and Storme get lost on the fells when the mists come down. Mr Dyer is awkward and George has to leave early but Tom and Storme like the new ‘brother’ and want him back …

This book was recommended for KS2 children.


Written by Monday, 21 July 2014 Published in Year 3 & 4 Book Reviews


by Philippe Dupasquier

Four friends are bored. They’ve played all the computer games, Scalextric and football that they want to and are on their way home when they meet Sabrina, the new girl in the neighbourhood. She invites them back to hers to play. Sabrina’s dad is an artist so the house is very different to any they’ve seen before. She invites them up onto the roof to play the colour game, telling them that ‘today is a good day for blue’. They can see the whole town from there but she gets them to lie down and look at the sky while they think and listen. Our narrator runs straight home, straight home into trouble from his parents as he is very late but all he can think about is blue. He wonders if Sabrina will show him another colour tomorrow …

The illustrator has used collage, echoes of great modern artists and line drawings to tell a very simple story. What will you do next time you’re bored?

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